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All of these motors are available in either SS316 or Hard Anodized Aluminium finish. The system includes the ROV, control van, spares, 1 x 5000m buoyancy block, 1 x 2000m buoyancy block, 1 small winch with 500m soft umbilical. SEAEYE colour video camera, tilt platform and tilt feedback system Automatic heading & depth system. Also a Sonar connector (which would allow for a Tritech Seaprince Sonar with an old style Surface control unit (SCU3) to be purchased and fitted. Equipped with two lights, depth sensor, compass, zoom camera with TPZ control. Enclosed Aluminium Trailer/workshop (This is a complete operational package that can be mobilized in hours). Drum for the cable is Available (service required). Thrusters: 6 thrusters (4 x horizontal vectored, 2 x vertical). Silvercrest/SME specialize in the bespoke manufacturing of submersible motors, HPU's, and pumps for use on Rovs, subsea trenchers, subsea ploughs, dredgers and water lift pump systems, for use in the offshore Oil and Gas and Telecommunications industries. 2 x aft thrusters, 2 x Lateral thrusters, 1 x Vertical thruster. Fluxgate compass, depth gauge, auto heading, auto depth. The vehicle is powered by 2 axial, 2 vertical and 2 lateral 15 HP thrusters.