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You: Yes You: Power You: your boss You: will be an asshole You: just like me Stranger: not realy You: who will give you an offensive nickname You: and fuck your wife when you're not looking Stranger: i wouldn't care You: HAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAH Stranger: untill it actualy happened You: Right, because you're at the preeschool You: scoping out your next "Fiancee"? You: I'm already god You: what else is there Stranger: yeah, it already is Stranger: t care much anymore Stranger: so i don' You: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH You: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWW You: you don't care? You: You'll FEEL BETTER You: What I would give Stranger: lol? You: So you don't like The Game, and you don't like my 9-iron. You: baby please You: this is so hot Stranger: im almost orgasm Stranger: bout you? Stranger: just go over and call him a homo faggot Stranger: because thats how queers spread thier disease You: no it was on omegle Stranger: its called AIDS and it kills millions every years You: I see You: oh, I heard that niggers have AIDS You: does this mean that all queers are niggers?