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    And ladies, it’s great to have standards but try not to be extremely picky. Try having a list with ten things on it — and five of them should be negotiable. If you’re only attracted to men who are physically active, you don’t need to settle for a guy who won’t even get off the couch to go for a walk with you. Men like to feel like they’re in control — like they are protectors, providers, etc.. Buy yourself some nice clothing so you can look great, but more importantly feel like you look great. A lot of singles don’t ask their friends, co-workers or family to help them find a romantic partner, which is a mistake. I promise, that person is out there, you just haven’t found them yet. Get dating advice and anecdotes from our very own Match bloggers on all things relationships!

    Role of women dating in nigerian culture

    They came with a new order and way of life, they told us that women were more secured on trousers than those wrapper - The arrival of the missionaries in Nigeria was the beginning of the wearing off of Nigeria culture.All over the world people have their way of life, people do what they think is right, and then tell their children then the children in turn, tell their own children and so on.At some point it could be somehow amended and could possibly wear out.

    I mean, I'm a black-American guy and I don't mean to sound arrogant, but I'm a top catch economically and physically and I'm on the look out for a African woman with comparable showing, but this is alot more difficult than I expect it to be.

    So is this a double slandered going on in the African community or what, because I've spoken with several other black-american brothers who've stated to me that they've gotten the same responses from African girls themselves. In my circle- ALLL our Nigerian female friends married Nigerian men.

    Too many want to only be pretend partners with sexual and financial benefits. Most of our male Nigerian friends date and/or marry African-American women.i asked hubby about it, he said several things: (this is my Nigerian husbands explanation- and he is not an authority just one voice - so haters - keep silent if u don't like it.1- Its less cultutally acceptable for naija women to marry black americans (yes there is a double standard).2- Most Nigerian women tend to keep to themselves in the states (super close ties only with other african women and social circles), so there is less of a chance to even mingle close enough socially to date a black american3- men are going to "sow their wild oats" naturally- So- its more likely and acceptable the African Man ends up broadening his horizons with women from "other" backgrounds.4- A lot of African women don't "look approachable" to American men.

    The Nigerian man is a natural hustler, they go out in the morning and come back in the evening, they don't usually get fed up with wealth acquisition, that is the one thing American women seem to like so much about Nigerian men, - That they take responsibility and make sure their family as well as their woman is well taken care of.

    One said "I love the way African men love their children it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, but I can see the boys are more spoiled, that is the truth." Find out more juicy Tips About Girls From Nigeria If you do a search on the internet about "Nigerian men" you would come across very few positive comments and loads of negative stuff about Men from Nigeria, like they are domineering, you hear things like "Nigerian guys are naturally dishonest!

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